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Guillaume, aka Aslove, is 24 years old and has been immersed in music for as long as he can remember, having grown up in an artistic household. His parents were music lovers and musicians themselves: a grand piano reigned over his childhood living room and « like any self-respecting guitarist » says Guillaume, « my dad was a Jimi Hendrix fan ».

He has been a drummer since the age of 5, and cut his teeth in a series of rock bands before discovering electro thanks to the debut album by Justice, whose rock‘n’roll vibe and ultra-synthetic sound left a lasting impression on him, and he decided to set up a band heavily inspired by the Parisian duo. At 15, it was time to spread his wings, and Guillaume became Aslove. It was whilst listening to Hendrix’s Axis: Bold as Love album yet again that the name came to him. He took part in DJing competitions and threw himself into performance. At the age of 16 he was already a resident DJ at a club, and, as a minor, had to apply for special permission from the government in order to do so!

At the age of 20, finally rid of the burden of school, he found himself free to let his imagination run wild and devote all his time to composition. After a handful of successful covers (from The Rolling Stones to Corinne Bailey Rae), he began to emerge as a rising star on the French electro scene. In 2017, he was signed by Universal Music, and made waves with singles such as « So High » and « Put Your Record On ». In the meantime, Guillaume was trying his hand at production and new instruments, from the guitar to the harmonica, which fast became one of his favourite props to use both in the studio and on stage. Aslove’s artistic ambitions are clear: to mix his influences - from house to blues to pop; veering between extremes; fusing Latin beats with western classics. He draws on an eclectic range of inspiration: Tame Impala, Ludwig Van Beethoven, The Beatles, Disclosure, Calvin Harris, The Strokes, Bruno Mars, The Weeknd, Prince or Mark Ronson - a “pick-and-mix” assortment of influences that combine the vintage and the contemporary.

Thanks to his finely-tuned aesthetic taste, Aslove has successfully established the beginnings of his young career, culminating in the release of the single « Dancing » and accompanying music video shot in Lebanon, in the anticipation of a debut album that epitomises this initial creative phase.

Aslove has recently participated in several writing camps in England and Canada that have allowed him to meet many interesting singers, composers and producers from the international stage. These creative exchanges and collaborations have not only allowed him to compose many new tracks but also to question himself - in the studio Guillaume can let his music go in all directions, but he realised that he needs to go back to basics for live performance. He has decided to split his activities: on the one hand to go back to his roots, his job as a DJ, producing percussive dance tracks specifically aimed at the dancefloor and big festival stages; and on the other hand to offer pop compositions to other artists. His current passion for the « UK House » scene, symbolised by artists with colossal success such as Regard or Meduza, encourages him on this path.

This stylistic change is embodied by his new single “Boom Boom”, with an ultra-catchy chorus reminiscent of a 90’s hit by the Vengaboys. “Boom Boom”, featuring Franky, has a musical sophistication faithful to Aslove’s style and will be a hit in clubs, opening the doors to foreign markets - which is his biggest wish; a wish which will undoubtedly soon come true.

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